Handling formalities digitally

Imagine being 100% certain that you have met all rules and contractual obligations. Imagine never having to go through the process of printing, signing, rescanning and uploading a contract, ever again. Imagine knowing for certain whether the other party has received your signed documents. And imagine knowing that all your formal data is stored in one well-organized place.

“Cleverbase issues digital identities at the highest security level...
…and if you’ve got a Cleverbase ID, you can login, sign and exchange everywhere”

Cleverbase will enable you to do business online with more ease and simplicity than possible before. We are going to help you structure all your business data in a personal and well-organized platform. On this platform and with all our partners you log in with your Cleverbase ID in a easy and safe way. Cleverbase’s unique solution makes all cumbersome paperwork, handwritten signatures and physical ID identification unnecessary.