In order to act as a qualified Trust Service Provider, Cleverbase must abide by very strict requirements in the field of information security. 

Cleverbase supplies qualified certificates for the creation of electronic signatures.
Cleverbase has therefore obtained the following certifications:

ISO 27001

Information security system for trust service providers

NEN 7510

Information security in healthcare

Certificaat ETSI 319 411-1

(Trust Service Providers issuing certificates; Part 1: General requirements)

Certificaat ETSI 319 411-2

(Trust Service Providers issuing certificates; Part 2: Requirements for Trust Service Providers issuing EU qualified certificates)


Cleverbase has drawn up a Certification Practice Statement in which it has laid down its working method. The official version is written in English; A Dutch version is also available for ease of use. In case of differences between these two versions, the English one is leading. Moreover, Cleverbase has also drawn up a PKI disclosure statement. This explains the most important attributes of Cleverbase. Finally, the links to CRL and OCSP can be found below: URL of the CRL: http://pki.cleverbase.com/cleverbase3c.crl URL of the OCSP: http://pki.cleverbase.com/ocsp/3c

For testing purposes

For testing purposes all certificate types that Cleverbase issues are published below (in a ZIP-archive):

Cleverbase ID PKIoverheid Burger CA - G3
Authentication - 9aaea594-b2f6-4e6e-9bf4-e7dba356c1e1.zip
Signing - 462ded3f-009d-4602-ab5a-764354106ce1.zip

All certificates can be validated here: