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Every day you handle more and more things online. But how can businesses and authorities be sure it’s you they’re dealing with? It’s paramount that your data is not accessible for everybody, and that the only one to use your identity is you. Now you can identify yourself online using your Cleverbase ID, which is linked to you personally.

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Finally, here’s a digital identity that’s both easy and safe to use

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Digital identity

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Cleverbase Login

Use your mobile to login at the highest security level with your Cleverbase ID

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Your mobile as identifier

No cumbersome passwords

Just a 5-digit PIN

Still the highest security

Thanks to continuous government monitoring

Registering is a breeze, and thanks to the video call, passport check and government monitoring I’m sure it’s safe.

Hidde, a Cleverbase user

Cleverbase, government-licensed

A ‘PKIoverheid’ certificate with the highest security level

Cleverbase operates as a Qualified Trust Service Partner (QTSP) with a Dutch government license and, as such, is subject to continuous monitoring.

Cleverbase products comply with the eIDAS high qualification, the highest standard proven safe for financial and medical data, among others.