Cleverbase ID: your digital identity

Everyday you handle more and more things online. But how can businesses and authorities be sure it’s you they’re dealing with? It’s paramount that your data is not accessible for everybody, and that the only one to use your identity is you. Now you can legitimize yourself online using your Cleverbase ID, which is linked to you personally.

Your Cleverbase ID allows you to login at the highest security level, to a standard covering financial and medical data, among others..

What can I do with my Cleverbase ID?

Cleverbase Login: the new way to login. No need anymore to memorize several passwords, re-request them, or worry they’re not secure enough. Cleverbase Login is the first Cleverbase product to be linked to your Cleverbase ID. This login functionality is offered to the highest reliability and security levels and is subject to continuous monitoring by the Dutch government.

Finally, here’s a digital identity that allows you to login and sign documents at the highest security level with ease.

Joris Tinbergen, CEO