Customer Testimonial Health Pro Supplies

It is now known that we strive to support every person and organisation as quickly and effectively as possible with arranging important matters. Especially at a distance, it is very important that people can move safely and legally.

The European Health Pro Supplies representative often has to sign tender documents. A qualified electronic signature is required for this.Cleverbase is on the European Union's list of recognised European providers of such signatures.


‘’We have experienced the registration and signing process at Cleverbase as very pleasant. When we had questions, we were helped immediately. It was also quickly anticipated that a foreign government uses its own list of Qualified Trust Service Providers, which did not yet include Cleverbase. This was quickly resolved and within a few days we were able to digitally sign the tender electronically. We are very satisfied and positive about the customer service and the willingness and help to resolve uncertainties and problems.’’